Support new modules of care
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) :Health In Motion digitize all the papers charts that contain all of a patient’s medical history from one practice, this is called Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider and it is mostly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment.
·Discharge Summaries: Health In Motion established standards for hospitals that provide an online document to record electronically and outline the details of reasons for hospitalization of a patient that summarizes the admitting diagnosis, Patient’s discharge condition and a record of their complaints and the medical   records of physical findings, laboratory results, radiographic studies while hospitalized and the attending physician’s signature.          
Telepathology: Health In Motion facilitates the practice of medical diagnosis by digital transmission of pathological data, it enhances the process of sharing medical images between distant locations during an operation so the pathologist can read the images remotely in real-time and provide the surgeon with the faster, easier and immediate diagnosis.